5 ways to enjoy autumn in Moscow

5 ways to enjoy autumn in Moscow
Cosy spots in Moscow, Mihail Tereshchenko/TASS
The weather forecasts offer little comfort: It seems that autumn – accompanied by heavy rain, dirty puddles, and sun that only appears once a month – has arrived in Moscow. But even in these bleak conditions one can have a good time in the capital. Here’s Russia Beyond’s guide to where to find cosy spots in Moscow.

1. Get warm with a drink

Tea and coffee, as well as much stronger beverages, can be found in the capital 24 hours a day. To enjoy a cuppa, and the warm hues of a cosy interior, go to the Delyus Dushoy cafe on Pyatnitskaya Street. It’s become a favorite cafe among Muscovites thanks to its minimalist interior and pale pink walls that are an ideal background for a selfie. But the place should really be appreciated for its classic coffee and the fact no animal milk is used in the drinks – only almond milk. The cafe is within walking distance of the Kremlin and the new Zaryadye Park.

To enjoy a cuppa, and the warm hues of a cosy interior, go to the Delyus Dushoy cafe on Pyatnitskaya Street

Fancy a lemon and lavender or lilac Raf coffee? The Double B coffee chain is the place for you. A Raf is made by whipping espresso with milk and cream to make a thick yet delicate coffee – it’s named after the first customer to order it: Rafael. These types of cafes might not offer the best food, but the caffeine hits are usually top-notch.

If you’re in need of something a little punchier check out 19 Bar & Atmosphere – here the tangy gin and coriander infusion is guaranteed to get the blood pumping. At 45°/60° the sea-buckthorn rum and pineapple samogon (moonshine) infusions are highly recommended, and at the famous White Rabbit restaurant, which offers a panoramic view of Moscow and is among the world’s top 50 eateries, order propolis vodka and Parmesan whisky – you won’t be disappointed.

If you fancy a milder and more conventional drink like mulled wine, you can drop in to Veranda 32.05, which is in Hermitage Gardens. But at this time of year it’s also easy to find hot mulled wine with cinnamon and cloves in the numerous kiosks along Krymskaya Embankment.

2. See Moscow without getting wet

Zaryadye, the new park in the very center of the capital, offers one of the best views of the Kremlin. Visitors can stand on a viewing platform – in the form of a covered amphitheater on a hill with a special microclimate – so even if it’s freezing cold outside you’ll still be warm.

Zaryadye, the new cool park in the very center of the capital

The park has an interactive media center with a 4D cinema and seats suspended in the air where you will be able to witness the Battle of Borodino and the 1812 Fire of Moscow.

An interactive museum of the capital’s skyscrapers has opened at an altitude of 215 meters in the Moscow City complex. It tells the story of high-rise buildings – from the Bell Tower of Ivan the Terrible to the towers of Moscow City – and has a bar, the Vysotka, which boasts fantastic views from the 56th floor and a “parallel reality” – an installation showing how Moscow would look if it had horizontal skyscrapers.

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