New Year’s children’s play “The Magical Mirror”

The Russian theater, Scarlet Sales will present the New Year’s children’s play “The Magical Mirror.” The play will be in Russian to celebrate the traditional Slavic New Year. All children in the audience will receive Slavic gifts from Father Frost and Snow Maiden on December 23th and 30th at 12pm and 2pm at Beaverton City Library, 12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR, 97005.

The play is about the adventure of Father Frost, Snow Maiden, Baba Yaga and famous residents of the forest from Slavic fairy tales: the teddy bear and the hare. The forest animals decide to give a magical mirror to Father Frost for his birthday, but unfortunately Baba Yaga finds out. She wants to steal it to become younger, but they will not let her succeed.

Tickets are $15 per person, visit

Complete information: or 360 839 1729

Contact Iuliia 503 917 8371 [email protected]

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